Monday, October 25, 2010

Photography Tips - Simplicity and Atmosphere

Author: Carl Gallant Platinum Quality Author

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t is common to fall into the trap of putting "too much" into a shot because ever so often we underestimate the power of simplicity. That basically means that often it is not so much what you put into the frame but more what you leave out.
Sometimes a simple composition with the right amount of detail is more effective at making a statement than too much detail which causes your attention to be drawn away from your central focal point. Let me give you a visual. A baker standing in his uniform in front of a display with all his creations and he is holding a loaf of bread. What do you think? Maybe...
Let us do another of the baker; he is wearing his uniform, bending slightly in front of his oven to pull out a fresh loaf of bread, it looks good so he turns with a pleased countenance and CLICK! You snap of f a shot. Now what do you think? Better? Yes, I agree... sometimes less is more.
Now let us explore atmosphere. Creating the right look of a shot is tricky, sometimes we can instinctively tell when something either does not fit in a shot or does not enhance the subject matter. Other times you have to go with the "trail and error" method of shooting a number of shots in different ways. Relating colors, shapes and sizes you have to arrange the right look in order to create the atmosphere and effect you need.
Let us use the baker again to elaborate. The first shot was busy; your mind's eye would have been drawn to the cakes and bread before the baker. The focal point was the baker yet we hardly took any notice of him. The second shot however created a scene where in your mind's eye you felt the heat of the oven, smelt the delicious aroma of the bread yet you saw the baker, a pleased and triumphant smile on his face. The atmosphere was perfect because the kitchen is where the baker feels most at home.
Every picture should tell a story...

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