Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Divine Employment

by Valerie Minard

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When world events or economics threaten your job, the prospect that the deck is stacked against you looms large. But what if there's a larger law in action?

I believe there is a spiritual law of employment, a law of true supply and demand, that we all can turn to, whether we're out of work or in fear of being laid off. This divine law of employment is forever employing and holding us in our right position—that of expressing and living divine qualities no matter what we're doing. The venue may change, but the law is constant.

Understanding this law helped me find a solution when I felt threatened by layoffs.

I began to question myself.

I had worked at a company on system engineering research for more than seven years when the layoffs began. The prospect of a pink slip, along with a growing desire to use my talents in other ways and have more contact with other people, motivated me to think about a career change.

Although I had solid work experience, all my technical expertise had been gained from on-the-job training. My resume looked a bit questionable, beginning with a graduate degree in geology.

I began to question myself. Did I need to take a lower-level position to get experience in a more desirable field? Would I need to take a salary cut, because I didn't have the right degree? Should I go back to school? Did I need to take a backward step in order to move forward?

This kind of questioning got me nowhere, since the answers weren't clear. I decided to take another approach. I chose to seek spiritual guidance by asking God for direction.

What I needed was to feel secure in my spiritual position, my relationship with God and to get a better understanding of the divine law of employment.

My real job was to express all the beautiful Godlike qualities.

My prayer went something like one Oprah Winfrey shared in Oprah magazine: "Use me, God. Show me how to take who I am, who I want to be, and what I can do, and use it for a purpose greater than myself." I wanted my business to be God's business—only and exactly what the divine Employer wanted me to do. I found encouragement in these words from Science and Health: "The scientific unity which exists between God and man must be wrought out in life-practice, and God's will must be universally done." (202:3)

My real job is to express Godlike qualities. I prayed to be more patient, diligent, loving, kind, thoughtful, professional and gracious at work—and to do it to the hilt. That was the real career change. I also prayed to be open and receptive to new opportunities in my life, no matter what they were.

Yes, I did send out resumes and research leads, but it wasn't a frantic search. I had faith in the idea that since God's law of employment was continuing to place me every day where I could do the most good, I couldn't be pushed out of my rightful place before I was supposed to go. And, I couldn't mistake my next new place or arrive there too late. The place that I needed, needed me, too. The divine law of employment was governing every phase of my career move.

I even turned down another job offer.

A few months later, I attended a conference co-sponsored by my company. The research lab at a major university hosting the conference was doing thrilling, cutting-edge work. My mind swirled as I thought about the possibility of working there. Was I qualified? Although the job was highly attractive, I had also been yearning to incorporate a more spiritual dimension into my work. Would I be able to do so in academia? Was there even a place for me? I put these doubts aside and again turned to God.

After letting the research lab know of my interest, I was invited to interview. However, government equal-opportunity regulations required that the position remain open to give all prospects ample time to apply. And so I waited. Months went by. I continued to job hunt, but every time I prayed, it felt right to hold on and not give up on this option. I even turned down another job offer. Finally, five months later, the wait ended. After 200 resume submissions and interviews with scores of candidates, they hired me.

Tap into the divine law of employment for a new sense of purpose.

So what did I do at the lab? I learned about the lab's research, talked about it and presented it on a daily basis to groups ranging from several people to hundreds. I interacted with students, professors, large corporations, press and people from all over the world. All the spiritual qualities I had been honing during the months of waiting served me in good stead. They were exactly what I needed for this new position, which lasted for six years until my family relocated.

Before starting your job search, tap into the divine law of employment for a new sense of purpose. You may discover that your present job offers more than you realize. Or your next position will offer an expanded sense of purpose.

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