Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Can Kids Make Money Around The House?

Author: Vincent Cerally

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A good lesson for kids to learn is chores. They are not only providing a good service to the whole family, they are able to make some money doing it. How can kids make money around the house? This article will tell you.
When they reach the right age, let them cut the grass. Have them do it on a weekly basis. This is more like a right of passage for young boys that does not stop until they are adults. You are counting on them to make the yard look good each and every week. Make sure they edge the sidewalks and the driveway too. Girls can do the dishes.
If you are more traditional, then let the girls do it. It does no harm for the boys to do this too. It makes them a part of the daily activities of the house, and if they want to earn a little money, then they will have no problem doing this.
Another right of passage for young boys, and even some girls is to take the trash out. This is not only the kitchen trash, but every trash can in the house. Have them do this right after school so they can not only earn some money, but for going out as well.
Babysitting is very popular for kids to do. You and your spouse deserve some time away from the house so have the older kids watch the younger ones. Make sure they are responsible to take care of any problems that might arise. If they are, this is a great way for them to make some money if they are good at it. Getting your kid to do chores is easy if you give them the opportunity to make some money. It teaches them the value of money and it helps out the family.

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