Thursday, October 28, 2010

Responsibility Taught By A Children's Allowance

 Author: Vincent Cerally Platinum Quality Author

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Modern day homes are as vastly different from one another as they are from the homes of twenty and thirty years ago. Each home, with a different set of parents, different children, different pets and different jobs, has to follow their own certain rules to have a happy home. When deciding on a children's allowance, it comes down to what is affordable by the parent or parents and what the children do to earn the money.
Children are taught by what they see. If they see lazy adults in their home, chances are they will not be willing to do the work required to make an allowance.
Unfortunately, many parents do not see it this way and choose to decide they have bad children who refuse to work.If a parent wants a child to do the work necessary to earn an allowance, they must be active and teach by example.
Children cannot be expected to learn on their own. That is why parents are there to protect and teach them.
Common household chores are the best way to show a child what responsibilities they may have as adults. It teaches children to take responsibility for their own actions. Hopefully, they will go on to teach these things to their children.
Some chores that children are often asked to do to earn money are to take out the trash, sweep the porches, mow the lawn or do the dishes. They may seem like everyday chores to many, but these are new things to children.
There is no need to make earning a children's allowance into a burden for the child. Find a way to make the tasks they are required to do enjoyable, so that they will look forward to them every day and be proud of their accomplishments. They should be praised when they do a good job and their allowance is their well-earned reward.

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