Monday, October 25, 2010

From the Introduction to Workplace Spirituality: A Complete Guide for Business Leaders

by Nancy R. Smith

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Are you among the. . .

  • 72% of Americans who work more than 40 hours per week?

  • 61% who consider themselves overworked?

  • 86% who are not satisfied with their job?

  • 82% who are unhappy with their work/life balance?

  • 89% of workers who hope to change jobs in the next six months?

  • 84% who say the economy has hindered their ability to change jobs?[1]

Are You an Over-Worked, Disillusioned Worker?

Workers are disillusioned with the scandals in business ethics, distrusting of employers and disappointed in corporate failures to live up to pension promises.

Sometimes the economy makes it necessary to “hunker down” and keep quiet about demands. But as they have come to recognize the end of job security, workers are also learning to take their careers into their own hands. And as they have learned to manage their own careers, they have also decided to look for a different kind of workplace:

If I’m going to work for you, I want a decent salary—but I want more! I want you to conduct business ethically. I want you to institute business practices that will preserve the environment for generations to come. I want you to see me as a person, not merely a ‘resource.’

And I want a spiritually-friendly workplace where I can bring my whole self, be true to my own values, and make a satisfying contribution to the business.

Are you one of these workers? Or are you an employer who must deal with dissatisfied and demanding workers like these?

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