Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Names - Read About Naming Your Kids

Author: Jimmy Jenkins Ray

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The names given to children by parents are their first gift to them and they carry it to the end of their lives. Baby names are selected from various references like tradition, family history, religion, trends etc. We often name our children after our parents or someone dear to us. Parents-to-be spend hours and hours discussing the most adorable name to call their baby.
However, as parents we should be aware that the name we give our children should make them comfortable, confident and happy. Special and unique ones are alright but odd and strange names make children shy away in friends circle and other gatherings. Especially when children are in their teens, they get teased by friends for their odd name, which makes children very uncomfortable.
A name that is easy to pronounce and is befitting in every age is will be a good choice. Some though endearing at a tender age may not fit when the child becomes an adult. Some countries keep a tradition of granting parents three months to decide a name for their child. It gives time for parents to study the features and habits of their baby, so that they can choose an appropriate name.
A wide range of baby name websites are available on the net, which shows people consider naming their babies as serious affair. The most accepted boy's names according to the birth statistics for 2007 say that they came from Irish, Hebrew, Welsh, English and American. Top name in Hebrew is Ethan who means strong and Jacob meaning 'Sup planter'. Noah means 'peace' and Caleb means 'one who rages like a dog'. Irish names like Connor means 'wolf lover' and Aidan is 'a little fire'. Jaden is a merge of Aidan and Jay from Irish. Dylan means 'son of the sea' and Kaden is the 'fighter'.
Most popular baby girl-names are found to come from Greek, Latin, Italian, American, Hebrew, English and Irish. Chloe means 'blooming' is a popular Greek name. Emma means 'universal' and Ava is 'like a bird'. The Italian name Isabella means 'God is my oath'. The Hebrew name Abigail means 'joy of the father'. British names like Madeline meaning 'woman of Magdala' and the Irish name Brianna meaning 'highly noble' are very popular girl-names.
You can select a traditional or trendy baby name for your. As far as it does not have a distasteful meaning, does not sound odd or does not make a person lose his esteem, the name can be considered okay.

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