Thursday, October 28, 2010

Plush Toys Will Surely Make Your Day

Author: Julia Walters

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Can you name one of the secrets of a happy childhood? It's having access to loads and loads of plushies! These soft and comforting stuffed toys have been the known best friends of children for a very long time. These cuddly things can be of any size- ranging from mini plush toys attached to key rings and hair chips to really huge toys standing at about 70 inches or so! Typically in the shape of animals or cartoon characters, these toys are also available in unusual asymmetrical shapes and styles. Legendary heroes and cartoon characters are some of the other popular types of soft toys.
In fact, plushies are adored by adult population as well. So they are not just for kids! You can keep some of these cute little huggable toys wherever you want. Boyfriends have long been gifting these plush toys to their girlfriends for Valentine's Day's gift. These toys are usually in the shape of little heart with Cupid's arrow thrust through them or they may look like a cute teddy bear. Personal messages can also be attached. These stuffed toys are also extremely popular as car accessories and puppets. Since they are available in different colors and shapes, you can pick the shape you like, the color you like. So you can get a nice little dolphin for your blue car to complete the aqua theme!
Some of these plushies are not what they seem! This means quite a few of them serve more than the simple purpose of being your cuddly pillow. They may have a blanket or a pillow hidden within them. You can also buy stuffed toys with a music box inside. These toys come with a chord you can pull to play the music! These musical plush toys are usually hung over a baby's crib so that he or she can go to sleep with a soothing melody in the background. These toys can cost over $ 80 but the plain toys can cost about $ 30 and more depending on the size.
The newest fad is to get plushies for your pets! Many companies have started making cheap, convenient and hardy plush toys exclusively meant for your pets. But whether you buy it for your babies, your beloved pets or even yourself, do make sure the materials and coloring used on these toys is safe.

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