Monday, October 25, 2010

Cleaning Your Scanner and Your Photos

Author: Monica L Poppy

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When cleaning your scanner you should disconnect the power from the scanner. There is high voltage in the lamps and line voltage...Cleaning your scanner is very important. The scanner glass only needs to be clean at the begging of your scan. Use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Do not sprayer; pour cleaning stuff directly on the glass? Stay away from the inch ruler scales. So you don't risk damaging it.
When cleaning the glass do not scratch the scanner glass. Don't uses paper towels on your scanner it has coarse texture that can create find stretches on the scanner glass. So please use a soft cloth on the glass. Do not use any abrasive cleaner on your scanner.
Spry the cleaner on the soft cloth not the scanner. Some scanner come with a pre-moisten toweletes for cleaning the scanner and the lens. Some manufacturer has their own preference for cleaning the glass. So look at your manual to see what to use.
The important thing is to clean the glass and not leave any streaks on it. One of the ways to see if you have streaks is to lift the lid of the scanner when the scanner light is on and look for the streaks. Scanner bright lights cause the scans to show the steak if you don't wipe it good. One more way is looking at the glass closely from the side under the bright lights to see if all the film is removing. If you have streaks use a small amount of vinegar on a wet cloth to get the streaks off. Wipe the flatbed photo scanner clean between photo to prevent oily or streak in your scans from the residue that your photo may have.
Some scanner recommend you to use alcohol for cleaning a scanner glass if you are going to do that use isopropyl rather than rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol contains oils like lanolin and it will leave a film on our scanner glass. Make sure you wipe the scanner bed and lens very good so you don't leave streaks or film.
Using can air isn't always the best thing to do I know it is a popular way to remove dust and dirt from photo and scanners.But you should be aware of the draw backs from using it. The air that is blowing across a photo or a scanner produces a static charge on the photo and scanner. That will attract more dust and it will scatter the dust to your computer and very where. The can of air is very expensive to buy and can air can spit propellant on to your photo or negative. Don't blow dust off negative or photo with your breath you may damage it two.
When you handle photos and negative you should use the edges. If you are going to do a lot of scanning with photo or negative. So you don't put oil or dirt on your photo when you are scanning it. You can buy some glove if you want to keep the dirt and oil off when you are handling your photos. Don't wipe your photos with a moistened toweled or cloth treated with dusting products it will damage your home photo.
When you clean your photo scanner or negatives use a brush to dust off the photo. The brush should be soft. This is very important before you scan if you scan the photo larger the specks of dust will appear on the scan. Cleaning a scanner and photo is very imported before you actual scan. If the photo or the scanner has dust or dirt on it that dust and dirt will be on your scan photo. You can remove the dust with your computer but it takes time to do it. So clean your personal photo scanner and your photo so it won't take so much time.
Cover your scanner when you're not using it this will help keep it clean and protect the glass top. The glass can be a very expensive repair if you have to repair it.

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